Lehman, Layman, Lemon

     DNA Enhanced

                            Families H thru Z.13

Family H

Test 46
        John Lehman in Butler Co., OH, b. abt. 1810, is the earliest known ancestor in this family. There are nine common markers with Test 94 and all match. This test would have to be expanded to more markers before we can rule in or out a relationship but a match, even at only 9 markers, suggests one.
..1. John Laymon. b. abt. 1810; d. abt. 1840
….2. John Fry Layman, b. 1834 in Butler Co., OH; d. 1922 in San Joaquin Co., CA 
,,,,,,3.Joseph Dieffenbach Layman, b. 1862 in Davis Co., OH; d. 1959 in Alameda Co., CA 
……4. Oliver Wendell Layman, b. 1894 in Alameda Co.; d. abt. 1952 in San Francisco Co., CA 

Family I
Test 60
        A participant who resides in Bern, Switzerland has not traced his ancestry, but his family, as far into the past as he is aware, lived at Arni, near the town of Biglen in the Swiss Emmental. His ten-marker result is not close to any other. It is possible that no members of this family were early immigrants to the New World. Conversely, it is possible that some of those early immigrants, descendants of whom have not yet been found and tested, were relatives of this participant.

Family I.1
Test 79
This family, based on historical research, was believed to be related to William Lemonds, b. abt. 1744 of Troublesome Creek, Rockingham Co., NC.  Further, that Rockingham Co., NC family, based on early Tests 26 and 27, tests of limited scope, was believed to be related to Family A.2. We still don't know whether the Rockingham Co. Family is related to Family A.2, , but we do now know, by reason of this 67-marker test, that this Family I.1 is not related to the Rockingham Co., NC family. It is Haplogroup R-M269, matching  surnames on the FTDNA database suggest, but by no means prove, that the family came from Scotland.
..1. William Lemons, b. abt. 1770; d. 23 Dec 1814 in the Battle of  New Orleans in the War of 1812
..+Sarah Cox, b. abt. 1775; m. Aug 1802 in Williamson Co., TN; d. bef. 1860 in Polk Co., AR
….2 James B. Lemons, b. 1809 in Tennessee; d. aft. 1860 in Polk Co.
….+Mary E. Cabler, b. abt. 1821 in Tennessee; d. aft. 1877 in Polk Co., AR
…...3 William Lemons, b. abt. 1858 in Montgomery Co., AR; d. aft. 1913
.…..+Clara Hillsberry, b. abt. 1866 in Illinois; d. aft. 1890 in Indian Territory, now Marshall Co., OK
……..4. Clarence Levi Lemons, b. 1885 in Indian Territory, now Marshall Co., OK; d. 1965 in Marshall Co.
……..+Katie Ragsdale, b. abt. 1887 in Indian Territory, now Marshall Co., OK. The Test 79 participant descends from Clarence and Katie.  

Test 152
..1. George Washington Lemon, b. 27 Feb 1863 in Storey Co., IA; d. 13 Dec 1933 in Polk Co., IA
….2. Harold Glenn Lemon, b. 16 Apr 1903 in Day Co., SD; d. 06 Oct 1981 in Polk Co., IA. Participant 152 descends from Harold.

Family J
Tests 50 and 51
Abraham Leming appears on the Greene Co., TN 1850 U. S. Census as Abraham Lemmons, household # 163-295, age 86, b. in Virginia 1763 or 1764. The possibility is strong that Abraham’s age is substantially overstated on the 1850 census. He is probably not an immigrant himself and is a bit later than most of the others whom we have analyzed. Considerable effort has been applied to Abraham’s line, however. This came about partly as a result of his line being easily confused with that of David Lamon of adjacent Washington Co., TN, Family A.1, Test 57. David had a son, Abraham, named in his will. There remain uncertainties about Abraham’s age, when he arrived in the upper East Tennessee area and, of course, we know nothing of his ancestors. Results 50 and 51 are  identical at ten markers. 
..1. Abraham Leming, b. bet. 1780 and 1790 in Virginia; d. aft. 1850 in Greene Co., TN
..+Rachael, b. abt. 1787; d. bef. 1850 
….2 Isaac Leming, b. 1809 or 1810 in Tennessee; d. 05 June 1860 in Greene Co. 
….+Rachael V. Bowman, b. 20 Sep 1823 in Tennessee; d. 28 Sep 1893 in Greene Co.
……3. Isaac Newton Leming, b. 01 July 1850 in Greene Co., TN 
……+ Clarissa Ellen Wright, b. abt. 1860 
……..4. Charles Elbert Lamons, b. 1880 in Fayetteville., Washington Co., AR
……….5. John Newton Lamons, b. abt. 1904 in Tahlequah Co., OK; d. 2001 Tahlequah Co., A descendant brings forth Result 51.
……3. Steven Anderson Leming, b. 31 Dec 1852 in Greene Co. 
……..+ Amanda Cornelia Greenway, b. abt. 1853 
……..4. William Anderson Lemons, b. 1880 in Washington Co., AR. His descendant generates Result 50.

Family K
Test 31
Joseph Lemon, b. 1718, descendant's result differs by two mutations from the result of Test 21. Chances are that they are not related.
..1. Joseph Lemon, b. 1718; d. 1792 in Sussex Co., NJ
…. 2. Jacob Joseph Lemon, b. 1743 in Sussex Co.; d. 1816 in Ontario, Can.
...…3. Joseph Lemon, b. 1769; d. 1837
.........4. Alexander Lemon, b. 1794 in Ontario; d. 1876 in Michigan
........... 5. Charles Henry Lemon, b. 1822 in prob. Canada; d. 1910 in Michigan
............6. Henry Clay Lemon, b. 1852 in Kalamazoo Co., MI; d. 1911
..............7. Glen Henry Lemon, b. 1877 in Kalamazoo Co.; d. 1955 in Kalamazoo Co.
................8. Richard Harris Lemon, b. 1921 in Kalamazoo Co.; d. 1991 in Kalamazoo Co.

Family L
Tests 55, 82, 85, 153 and 164
        Hans Lehman arrived aboard the James Goodwill 30 Sep 1727. It was the first ship carrying a Lehman immigrant into the port of Philadelphia for which a passenger list was recorded and preserved. Based on that fact, many an inexperienced Lehman researcher has erroneously assumed that Hans was that researchers immigrant ancestor. He was a German-speaking Mennonite and became a Bishop in the Hernley Mennonite Church in Lancaster Co., PA. It is said that he was from Canton Schlaufhausen, Switz. All known descendants, to the fourth generation, are chronicled in Ch. 11 of Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook. The Haplogroup is I-M170.

Tests 55, 82, 153 and 184
        These participants have traced their direct line to Bishop Hans as follows:
..1. Hans Lehman, b. abt. 1697, possibly in Canton Schlaufhausen, Switzerland; d. bef. 18 Feb 1776 in Lancaster Co., PA
..+Anna Hege, b. abt. 1694 in Switzerland 
….2. Jacob Lehman, b. abt. 1721 in Europe; d. 1796 in Derry Tsp., Dauphin Co., PA
.....+Catherine Longenecker, b. 1730
……3. Jacob Lehman, b. 11 Jan 1763 in Lancaster Co.
……+Rosanna Shank, b. 04 Mar 1766 in Lancaster Co.
……..4. Benjamin Lehman, b. 13 Nov 1813 in Lancaster Co.
……..+Catherine Lehman, b. abt. 1815
...........5. Benjamin Lehman, b. 13 Oct 1837 in Dauphin Co., PA; d. 29 Jan 1911
.......... +Catherine Goetz, b.: abt. 1837 in Dauphin Co., PA
............ 6. Allen David Lehman, b. 22 Jan 1874; d 28 Oct 1942

............+Lizzie Flora Keenerr, b. abt. 1865. Participant 153 descends from Allen and Lizzie.
……….5. Peter S. Lehman, b. 10 Jan 1858 in Dauphin Co.
……….+Amanda Snyder, b. abt. 1860
…………6. Daniel Benjamin Lehman, b. 21 Sep 1887
…………+Anna May Hower, b. 09 May 1891
…………..7. Harry Daniel Lehman, b. 04 Jul 1910. Participant 82 descends from Harry. 
......3. Peter Lehman, b. abt. 1769; d. 09 May 1837
,,,,,,+ Elizabeth Groff, b. abt. 1772
........4. Peter Lehman, b. 05 Sep 1804 in Lebanon Co., PA
........+Elizabeth Gilbert, b. abt. 1806
….......5. Peter Lehman, b. 1835 in Pennsylvania
….......+Leah Lanich, b. abt. 1837 in Montgomery Co., OH
……......6. Charles L. Lehman, b. 29 May 1876 in Darke Co., OH
……......+Ollie M. Armstrong, b. 22 Nov 1879
……........7. Ward H. Lehman, b. 26 Feb 1903
……….......8. Jack Lehman, b. 18 Mar 1928 in Darke Co. 
...…3. Abraham Lehman, b. 1772 in Dauphin Co.; d. 20 Mar 1827
......+Maria Stewig, b. abt. 1774 
........4. John Lehman, b. 1802 in Dauphin Co.
........+Anna Wideman, b. abt. 1804; m. 15 Jan 1828 in Ontario, Can.
..........5. Samuel Lehman, b. 07 Aug 1830 in Ontario; d. 25 Nov 1893 in Tuscola Co., MI
..........+Katharina Ziegler, b. abt. 1832; m. 13 Dec 1853 
...........6. Noah Lehman, b. 24 May 1858 in Canada; d. 08 Aug 1929 in Wayne Co., MI
.............+Lena Mary Holoch, b. abt. 1860; m. 26 Jun 1902 in Akron, Tuscola Co., MI 
...............7. Nelson Lehman, b. 25 Aug 1903 in Akron, Tuscola Co.; d. 28 May 1993 in Mt. Morris, Genesse Co., MI
...............+Mary Alice Sanderson, b. abt 1905. Participant 55 descends from Nelson and Mary.
……..4. Daniel Lehman, b. 19 Sep 1805 in Dauphin Co., PA;  d. 22 Jan 1867 in Dauphin Co., PA
……..+Susan Byer, b. 11 Oct 1818 in Dauphin Co., PA;  d. 31 Jul 1883 in Dauphin Co., PA
……….5. Abraham Lehman, b. 10 Aug 1850 in Dauphin Co., PA;  d. 15 Jan 1933 in Dauphin Co., PA
……….+Elizabeth Barkey, b. 28 Sep 1864; d. 16 Sep 1904
…………6. Joseph Lehman, b. 19 Mar 1882; d. 15 Apr 1919
…………+Florence Kidd, b/ abt. 1884; m. 11 Jul 1911; d. 20 Apr 1939
…………..7. Francis Lehman, b. 08 Aug 1916l; d. 26 Jan 2008
…………..+Audrey Dymond, b. Abt. 1918. Participant 184 descends from Francis and Audrey.                

Test 85        
        The result definitely matches proven descendants of the immigrant, Bishop Hans Lehman, Family L. Unfortunately, your compiler cannot find proof to verify the connection between
Peter Lehman, b. 05 Sep 1804 and Bishop Hans. This will be left for future historians.
..1. . Peter Lehman, b. 05 Sep 1804 in Lebanon Co., PA. he is said to be the son of
..+Elizabeth Gilbert, b. abt. 1806
….2.. Peter Lehman, b. 1835 in Pennsylvania
....+Leah Lanich, b. abt. 1837 in Montgomery Co., OH
……3. Charles L. Lehman, b. 29 May 1876 in Darke Co., OH
……+Ollie M. Armstrong, b. 22 Nov 1879
……..4. Ward H. Lehman, b. 26 Feb 1903
……….5. Jack Lehman, b. 18 Mar 1928 in Darke Co. Participant 85 descends from Jack.

Family M
Test 177
This family traces its ancestry to an Adam, b. c. 1745 in Pennsylvania. That Adam was believed to be the Adam of Family Q who was born about the same time.. The test results, however, do not match our four existing Family Q tests. We will proceed on the theory, until evidence to the contrary appears, that we have the wrong Adam and this family descends from a previously unidentified immigrant.  
..1 Adam Lehman, b. abt. 1745
.. + Catherine, b. abt 1752 
.... 2 Jacob Lehman, b. abt. 1772 
...... 3 William Lehman, b. abt. 1806 d: 1872
...... +Harriet Snyder, b. abt. 1807
........ 4 Joseph Lehman, b. abt. 1852; d. 1931
........ +Katherine Belle Gayman, b. abt. 1854
.......... 5 John F. Lehman, b. abt.  1887
.......... +Edna Kaylor, b. abt. 1889
............ 6 Ira J. Lehman, b. abt.  1921

Family N
Test 180
The ancestral line is believed to trace to Johann Gottfried Lehman who arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Snow Louther on 14 Oct 1731The test result has no match in the Lehman Project. It falls into Haplogroup J-M172 which is found most often in the northern Middle East, west of the Zagros Mountains in Iran to the Mediterrean Sea. 

Family O
Test 67, 69, and 130  
The results are all identical at 12 markers. The only one of the first three to be tested to more than 12 markers is Participant 69 and he is not a match for anyone in the Lehman project. Until we have more comprehensive tests of Participants 67 and 130, we cannot be sure whether either of the three is related to another. Neither can we rule out either or all three being related to Family A 3. Because of the non-match at 37 markers, we can rule out Participant 69 being related to Family O 1, but cannot rule that out for Participants 67 and 130. Based on the perfect matches at 12 markers and indications along the “paper trail” of a relationship, we tentatively group these three together.

Test 67
        The ancestors of Participants  67 and 69 are traced to Canton Bern, Switz. The Test 67 family has been traced to a Hans Lehmann, b. abt. 1740 at Langnau in the Swiss Emmental. Unfortunately, Hans has not yet been linked to the considerable research at Langnau that makes up Ch. 9 of Lehman  Ancestors in the Swiss Emmental before Emigration. The immigrant was Christian, b. 15 Jan 1805 in Corgemont, Switz. 
..1. Ulrich Lehman, b. abt. 1715 in Europe
….2. Hans Lehman, b. abt. 1740 in Langnau, Switz.
…. +M. Neuenschwander, b. abt. 1750 in Langnau; d. bef. 1821 in Bevilard, Switz.
……3. Christian Lehman, b. 31 Oct 1767 in Corgemont, Switz.
.. …. +Elizabeth Baer, b. 20 Mar 1772 in Trub, Switz.; m. 30 Sep 1791
……..4. Christian Lehman, b. 15 Jan 1805 in Corgemont; d. 30 Jun 1883 in Wayne Co., OH
….…. +Magdalena Geiger, b. 14 Aug 1802; d. 05 Jun 1872 in Wayne Co.
……….5. Samuel Lehman, b. 09 Jun 1841 in Wayne Co.; d. 10 June 1914 in Adams Co., IN
………. +Elizabeth A. Sprunger, b. 23 June 1844 in Switzerland; m. 31 Oct 1867 in Adams Co.; d. 25 Jan 1932 in Adams Co.
…………6. Enos Walter Lehman, b. 26 Feb 1880 in Adams Co.; d. 29 Aug 1962 in Adams Co.
……..…. +Sarah Liechty, b. 24 Feb 1882 in Adams Co.; m. 10 Sep 1903 in Adams Co.; d. 24 Jan 1975
…………..7. Edgar Christian Lehman, b. 01 May 1909 in Adams Co.; d. 11 Oct 1979 in Orange Co., FL
……….….+Inez Marie Habegger, b. 21 March 1912 in Adams Co., IN; m. 28 Nov 1935 in Adams Co.; d. 13 Sep 2002 in Melbourne, Brevard Co., FL. The participant who produced Result 67 is descended from Edgar and Inez.

Test 69

            The participant is descended from Hans Lehman, b. abt. 1740 and d. abt.1810. He lived in the Jura area of Canton Bern. The Jura was often a temporary haven for Swiss Mennonite refugees and it has been speculated that his ancestors were fugitives there from somewhere else, most likely the Emmental. Again, however, the family has not been linked to research in Swiss parish church records detailed in Lehman Ancestors in the Swiss Emmental before Emigration
..1. Hans Lehman, b. abt.1740 in Winung, Jura, Bern, Switz.; d. 1810. His wife is not identified.
....2. Abraham Lehman, b. 09 March 1786 in Winung; d. 1882 in Wayne Co., OH
….+Maria Lehman, b. abt. 1788 in Winung
......3. Isaac Lehman, b. 09 March 1818 in Winung; d. 1905 in Wayne Co., OH
……+Barbara Schneck, b. abt. 1820; d. 30 April 1915
........4. Abraham S. Lehman, b. 02 May 1846 inWayne Co., OH; d. in Adams Co., IN
……..+Maryann Sprunger, b. 1848
..........5. Daniel Lehman, b. abt. 1877 inWayne Co., OH
…………6. Lewellyn Lehman, b. abt. 1905. The participant who generated Result 69 is descended from Lewellyn.

Test 130
       At 12 markers this result matches both Family O and O.1, but non-matches at 37 markers tell us that the two families are unrelated. Thus he cannot belong to both. A simple expansion of the test would answer the question. The line is traced by the participant to the immigrant, Abraham, gen. 5. Generations one through four are taken from David Habegger’s Lehman Families of Langnau, Switzerland. David Habegger, who has two different Lehman ancestors related to Family O, suggests that gen. 2 below,
Peter, b. 17 Jun 1736, may be a brother of Ulrich, who is Gen.1 of the Test 67 line.
..1. Peter Lehman, b. abt. 1707 in Hindelbank, Switz.
..+Anna Ingold, b. abt. 1707 in Hindelbank
….2. Peter Lehman, b. 17 Jun 1736 in Herzogenbuchsee, Switz.
……3. Ulrich Lehman, b. 1755 in Tramelan, Switz.
……+Maria Theueler, b. 1760 in Tramelan, Switz.
……..4. Peter Lehman, b. 14 Mar 1782 in Corgemont, Switz.
……..+Anna Fuhrimann, b. 29 Feb 1788 in Oeschenbach, Switz.; m. 15 Aug 1820
……….5. Abraham Lehman, b. 17 Mar 1822 in La Rochette, Switz.; d. 30 May 1893 in Adams Co., IN
……….+Barbara Zeurcher, b. 06 Apr 1829 in Moutier, Switz.; m. 31 Jan 1852; d. 22 Jun 1879 in Adams Co., IN
…………6. Ulrich Lehman, b. 09 Aug 1859 in Adams Co.; d. 08 Mar 1913 in Adams Co.
……….+Judith Sprunger, b. 09 Jul 1864 in Adams Co.; m. 21 Oct 1883 in Adams Co.; d. 11 Jun 1940 in Adams Co.
 …………7. Levi Lehman, b. 08 Aug 1884 in Adams Co.; d. 01 Nov 1966 in Adams Co.
…………+Emma Liechty, b. 23 Mar 1884 in Adams Co.; m. 17 Aug 1919 in Adams Co.; d. 16 Feb 1966 in Adams Co.
…………..8. Leroy Lehman, b. 13 Sep 1925 in Adams Co.
…………..+Ellen Fisher, b. 26 Nov 1924 in Adams Co.; d. 16 Aug 2010 in Adams Co. Participant 130 descends from Leroy and Ellen. 

Family O.1 
        Results 78 and 88 differ by only two changes in 67 markers. They are produced by close relatives. Participants 88 and 123 have a proven common ancestor. Chances appear to be good that Peter, b. abt. 1795 of Test 78 and Tobias, b. abt. 1788 of Tests 88 and 123 are brothers. Further fair speculation is that this immigrant ancestor arrived through the port of New York; not Philadelphia as did most of our early Lehman ancestors. 
        There may be a relationship between Family O.1 and one or both of Participants 17 and 22, presently constituting Family A.3. There is a difference of one change over the nine common markers.

Test 78
..1. Peter Layman, b. abt. 1795 in New York
….2. Charles Peter Layman, b. 13 Aug 1842 in Sombra, Ontario, Can.; d. 04 Jun 1900 in
Fairview, Comins Tsp, Oscoda Co., MI
….+Mary Jane Sommers, b. 30 Aug 1844 in Ontario;  d. 29 May 1908 in Fairview, MI
……3. Manley Eugene Layman, b. 08 Aug 1871 in Lapeer Co., MI; d. 17 Dec 1954 in Oscoda Co., MI
……+Anna Louisa Hunt, b. 24 Jul 1878 in Midland Co., MI;
d. 27 Jun 1945 in Fairview, MI
……..4. George Layman, b. 03 Apr 1905; d. 18 Jan 1988
……..+Elizabeth Gascho, b. 08 Apr 1911; m. 11 Nov 1933; d. 16 Jun 2004. Participant 78 descends from George and Elizabeth.  

Test 88 and 123
..1 Tobias Layman, b. 1788 in New York
.. +Mariah Becker, b. 08 Aug 1788 in Ulster Co., NY
.... 2. William E. Layman, b. 1811 - 1813 in Norfolk Co., Ontario, Can.
.... +Cornelia Myers, b. 1817 – 1818; m. 13 Jun 1837; d. in Walsingham, Ontario
......3. William Daniel Layman, b. 1845 - 1849 in Charlottesville, Ontario; d. 25 Jul 1889
……+Martha McCafferty, b. 1850 in England; m. 11 Jun 1873 in Norfolk Co., Ontario
........4. Archibald Leigh Layman, b. 10 Aug 1883; d. 21 Feb 1982 in San Jose, CA
........+Edith Elizabeth Meador, b. 09 Oct 1881 in Canada; m. 08 Mar 1909 in Kent Co., Ontario, Can.
........ ..5. Archibald Harry Layman, b. 23 Dec 1920 in Montreal, Can. A descendant produces Result 88.
….2. Ephraim Layman, b. 23 Aug 1823 in Norfolk Co., Ontario, Can.; d. 17 Feb 1906 in Norfolk Co.
....+ Malinda Ashley, b. 02 Aug 1829 in Canada; m. abt. 1848; d. 15 Jan 1858 in Norfolk Co.
……3. Frank Layman, b. 09 Nov 1854 in Norfolk Co.; d. 22 Sep 1943 in Speers, Saskatchewan, Can.
……+Mary Jane Schooley, b. 28 Apr 1859 in Norfolk Co., Ontario, Can.; m. 29 Mar 1882 in Edmore, Montcalm Co.  MI; d. 7 Nov 1956 in Speers, Saskatchewan, Can.
……..4. Bruce Chalmers Layman, b. 16 May 1887 in Tawas, Iosco Co., MI; d. 18 Oct 1976 in St. Catharines, Ontario
……..+Helen Leota Forse, b. 25 Aug 1889 in Norfolk Co., Ontario, Can.; m. 30 Nov 1910 in Norfolk Co.; d. 20 Mar 1966 in St. Catharines, Ontario
……….5. George Arthur Layman, b. 20 Apr 1928 in Saskatchewan, Can.; d. 20 Mar 2009 in Barrie, Ontario, Can.
……….+Lorna May Hindle, b. 25 Jun 1931 in Queenston, Ontario; m. 05 Nov 1949 in Niagara Falls, Ontario; d. 12 Aug 1998 in Peterborough, Ontario. Participant 123 descends from George and Lorna May.

Family P 
Tests 58 and 74
These participants are proven by conventional research to be descended from Peter Lehman, b. abt. 1702, died in 1748 and whose will is recorded in Lancaster Co., PA Will Book Y, vol. 2, p. 394. His descendants are described in detail in the work of Howard Lehman Spessard, A Brief History of the Lehman Family and Genealogical Register of the Descendants of Peter Lehman of Lancaster Co., PA. We now know what Spessard was unsure of; that he was not the son of Peter Leman of Family A.1. The line of descent from Peter to the latest ancestor of each participant is as follows:
..1. Peter Lehman, b. abt 1692 in Europe; d. 1748 in Lancaster Co., PA. His first wife’s name is unknown. 
..He married Magdalene Licht (Lichte, Light), widow of Joseph Licht, b. about 1700, married 1736 or 1737 in Lancaster Co.; d. aft. 27 Apr 1749
….2. Johannes Lehman, b. 25 Dec 1743 in Lancaster Co.; d. 25 Jul 1824 in Lancaster Co.
….+Anna Baer, b. 02 Apr 1752; m. 1770; d. 9 Aug 1804
……3. John Baer Lehman, b. 28 Apr 1783; d. 28 Mar 1823 in Lancaster Co.
...…+Elizabeth Baer, b. 17 Apr 1785; m. May 15, 1804 in Lancaster Co.; d. 28 Jan 1868 in Lancaster Co.
……..4. Jacob Baer Lehman, b. 28 Feb 1805 in Lancaster Co.; d. 04 Aug 1866 in Hagerstown, MD
…….+Barbara Funk, b. 03 Mar 1809, m 15 Apr 1828; d. 18 May 1872 in Lancaster Co.
……….5. Henry Funk Lehman, b. 23 Feb 1829; d. 20 July 1898 in Hagerstown, Washington Co., MD
……….+Sarah Stewart, b. 20 Jan 1832; d. 09 May 1910
...............6. William Barton Lehman, b. 13 Apr 1855 in Hagerstown,; d. 17 Apr 1940 in Hagerstown
..............+Sarah Hauptman, b. 07 Dec 1862; d. 14 May 1946 in Hagerstown
................7. John Henry Lehman, b 1898 in Hagerstown. A descendant of John Henry yields Result 58. 
……..4. John Baer Lehman, b. 12 Apr 1809 in Lancaster Co., PA; d. 10 Sep 1851 in Lancaster Co.
……..+Elizabeth Ann Landis, b. 29 Oct 1811 in Lancaster Co.; m. 29 Sep 1829 in Lancaster Co.; d. 18 Mar 1888 in Lancaster Co.
……….5. Henry Clay Lehman, b. 07 Dec 1830 in Lancaster Co.; d. 22 Aug 1898 in Lancaster Co.
……….+Mary Louise Ream, b. 26 Sep 1831; m. 1853; d. 07 Jul 1930 in Lancaster Co.
…………6. Charles Bicking Lehman, b. 10 Nov 1856 in Lancaster Co.; d. 29 Mar 1921 in Lancaster Co.
…………+Sue Ella Eshleman, b. 01 Sep 1856 in Lancaster Co.; d. Oct 1923 in Lancaster Co.
…………..7. Harry Nathan Lehman, b. 17 Feb 1878 in Lancaster Co.; d. 20 Apr 1936 in Lancaster Co.
…………..+Martha Peters, b. abt. 1880 
…………….8. Harry Nathan Lehman, b. 26 Sep 1898 in Lancaster Co.; d. 27 Dec 1948 in Keyport, Monmouth Co., NJ
…………….+Anna Rathkey, b. abt. 1900 
………………9. Harry Nathan Lehman, b. 07 Mar 1924 in Lancaster Co.; d. 17 Oct 1993 in St. Paul, MN
………………+Lorraine Miller, b. abt. 1926. Participant 74 descends from Harry and Lorraine. Test 74 is a 25-marker FTDNA test. The Test 58 and Test 74 participants have a proven common ancestor, the Peter who d. in Lancaster, PA in 1748. Result 58, a ten-marker Oxford test, showed one change from the standard Family A.2 result, thus misleading us into believing that this line was related to Family A.2. The more comprehensive Test 74 of a proven relative dispels that notion. A retest of Result 74 proves that there is no error. This family is unrelated to Family A.2. 

Test 93 
        The participant is a resident of Steffisburg, Switz. His line is Steffisburg Family 2 and is traced in Ch. 6 of Lehman Ancestors in the Swiss Emmental before Emigration from the beginning of Kirchebuch records at Steffisburg to his most recent ancestor as appears below. At 37 markers, he differs from Result 74 by only three changes. Utilizing the Walsh formula, this extrapolates into a chance of a common ancestor within 12 generations of 75.68 percent; 16 generations of 90.75 percent. See Appendix for exact values. The direct line is: 
..1. Martin Lehman, b. abt. 1557 
..+Barbli Hebysen, b. abt. 1561 
....2. Hans Lehman, b. 01 Jul 1599 in Steffisburg, Canton Bern, Switz. 
....+Ana Frey, b. abt. 1605; d. 25 Sep 1643
......3. Hans Lehman, b. 07 Aug 1631 in Steffisburg 
......+Elsbeth Siber, b. abt. 1637 in Rychenbach 
........4. Niclaus Lehman, b. 20 Apr 1662 in Steffisburg 
........+Maria Berger, b. abt. 1662 in Oberdiessbach 
..........5. Jacob Lehman, b. 13 Feb 1697/98 in Steffisburg; d. 10 Jul 1737 in Steffisburg
..........+Margreth Reusser, b. abt. 1701 
............6. Christian Lehman, b. 07 Oct 1725 in Steffisburg 
............+Catharina Jost, b. abt. 1727 in Lueg 
..............7. Hans Lehman, b. 25 Sep 1752 in Steffisburg; d. 03 Jan 1841 in Steffisburg
..............+Elsbeth Baehler, b. abt. 1754 in Thierachern; d. 06 Dec 1817
................8. Hans Lehman, b. 10 Nov 1784 in Steffisburg; d. 14 Apr 1854 in Steffisburg
................+Sussannah Nyfenegger, b. abt. 1791 in Oberdiessbach 
..................9. Hans Lehman, b. 11 Feb 1816 in Steffisburg; d. 01 Mar 1903 in Steffisburg
..................+Magdalena Steiner, b. abt. 1818; d. 08 Jan 1899
....................10. Christian Lehman, b. 17 Jan 1846 in Steffisburg; d. 19 Oct 1909 in Steffisburg
.................... +Elisabeth Steudler, b. 15 Aug 1840 in Steffisburg; d. 29 Nov 1907 in Steffisburg
.......................11. Christian Lehman, b. 08 Apr 1874 in Steffisburg; d. 07 Mar 1932 in Steffisburg
.......................+Lina Mader, b. 30 Aug 1871 in Steffisburg; d. 10 Mar 1947 in Steffisburg
........................12. Heinrich Lehman, b. 07 Mar 1910 in Steffisburg 
........................+Marie Von Guten, b. 04 May 1910 in Steffisburg 
In examining all descendants of Martin Lehman and Barbli Hebysen, we find a baptism record of a Peter Lehman, b. 19 Dec 1690 whom we can connect to no adult records. He could have died before maturity or he may be a Peter who appears as an adult in another parish. On the other hand, while by no means proven to a certainty, he may be Participant 58, 74 and Howard Lehman Spessard’s immigrant ancestor. 

Family Q 
Tests 89,103,128,162 and 166
       It is apparent that we have been guilty of perpetuating a  significant error of long standing in this family. 1t had become established that Jacob who arrived on the Brothers 16 Sep 1751 brought a wife and children; now established as Family Q. Those children have been accompanied by precise birth dates for baptism in the Palatinate. We have now turned up in the records of the Bergstrasse Lutheran Church, Ephrata Tsp., Lancaster Co., PA those identical birth dates for  children with identical names . These people with baptism records in Lancaster Co. before the arrival of the Brothers cannot have immigrated on the Brothers and cannot be descendants of Jacob who did. This error may have its origin in the 1980s in Logsden, Laurine Mae Palmerton , Layman- Lehman Records and Lines. Baptisms clearly of record in Pennsylvania have been carried as being in Europe. The Jacob on the Brothers is not proven to relate to Family Q and we are apparently left without a test of a descendant of him. 
        What we do have is five tests that match genetically with no historical connection between any of the five.

..1. Jacob Layman, b. abt . 1718. This estimated birth date is based on his baptizing 4 children in Lancaster Co. bet 1742-1750. Odds are that he was an immigrant and arrived in Philadelphia before preservation of ships lists began in 1727. The records of the Bergstrasse Lutheran Church, Ephrata Tsp., Lancaster Co., PA where he baptized four children do not show the name of the mother so his wife's name is not known.
....2. Jochin Lorenz Lehmann, b. 27 Aug 1742 in Baden-Durlach. He immigrated as a child with his parents aboard the Brothers, arriving at the port of Philadelphia on 16 Sep 1751.
....+Sara Grooms b. abt. 1744 in Germany
……3. Michael Lehman, b. abt. 1781 n Bedford Co., PA
…….+Sara Storms, b. abt. 1783
……4. Jackson J. Layman, b. 1817 in Grayson Co., KY
…......5. Charles Nicholas Layman, b. 1845 in Grayson Co.
……+Mariah Kerr, b. abt. 1847
............6. Andrew B. Layman, b. 1885 in Grayson Co.
…………+Vernah Robinson, b. abt. 1887
…………7. Everett R. Layman, b. 1908 in Grayson Co.
…………+Cornelia Robinson, b. abt. 1910 . Participant 89 descends from Everett and Cornelia

Test 103
        It is a 37-marker test and is a match for Test 89 at the 12 common markers. Participant 89 is traced to Jochin Lorenz Lehman, b. 27 Aug 1742. Research traces the Test 103 line to a William Henry Layman who was previously believed to be the son of Daniel, b. abt. 1808 
..1. William Henry Lehman, b. 1833 in Pennsylvania or Ohio; d. 1911 in Elkhart Co.,, IN
..+Lucy Barker, b. abt. 1835
....2. Henry R. Lehman, b. 1874 in Woodford Co., IL; d. 1911 in Bloomington, McLean Co., IL
….+Nettie Green, b. abt. 1876
......3. Charles A. Lehman, b. 1906 in Bloomington; d. 1968
……+Anna Dawson, b. 1911
........4. Jimmie Edgar F. Lehman, b. 1930 in Bloomington; d. 1992
........+Joanne Hottel, b. 1940

Test 162
        The result varies by 2 changes at 37 markers from Test 103.
..1. George Layman, b. bet. 1779 - 1780 in Pennsylvania; d. in Allaheny Co., MD
.. +Mary, b. 1781 in Delaware
….2. George Washington Layman, b. 09 Dec 1809 in Allegany Co., MD; d. 24 Nov 1877 in Allegany Co.
…. +Sarah McCormick, b. 05 Jul 1811 in Pennsylvania or Virginia; m. 30 Oct 1854; d. 13 Jun 1873 in Maryland
……3. Daniel Berman Layman, b. 30 Oct 1834; d. 21 May 1911 in Garrett Co., MD
…… +Susan Durst, b. 06 Jul 1839 in Allegany Co., MD; m. 30 Oct 1854
……..4. Daniel Berman Layman, b. 21 Aug 1868 in Garrett Co., MD; d. 30 Jun 1944 in Allegany Co., MD
…… +Mary Nelson, b. 21 Oct 1868 in Scotland; m. 26 Oct 1891; d. 20 Mar 1946 in Allegany Co.
……….5. Evan Layman, b. 03 Apr 1908; d. 03 Nov 1976 in Allegany Co.
Participant 162 descends from Evan

Test 166
..1. James N. Layman, b. 22 Jul 1829 in Mercer Co., PA; d. 29 Jan 1892 in Coshocton Co., OH
..+Catharine Spigler , b. 1831               
....2. Grant Layman, b. 31 Aug 1872 in Coshocton, Co.; d. 02 Oct 1940 in Coshocton Co.
….+Sadie Kinsley , b. 04 Apr 1876 in Holmes Co., OH                 
......3. Orland Reo Layman, b. 29 May 1912 in Holmes Co., OH; d. 16 Dec 1985 in Coshocton Co.. Participant 166 descends from Orland.

Family R
Tests 94 and 173
        The family is
Haplogroup R-M269, our most numerous.  These two 19th Century immigrant families match at 12 markers. 

Test 94
.. Christian Lehman, b. 06 Aug 1791 in Labrogue, Lorraine, Fr.; d. 17 Nov 1849
.. +Maria Sommer. b. 23 Sep 1793 in Wittenburg, Lorraine, Fr.; m. 05 Jul 1823
.... 2. Peter  Lehman, b. 16 Jun 1829 in Harprich, Lorraine, Fr., d. 14 Jul 1896 in Lewis Co., NY
...... 3. Christian  Lehman, b. 24 Nov 1864 in Lewis Co., NY
........ 4. Samuel Lehman, b.  09 Jun 1896 in Beaver Falls, Lewis Co., NY; d. 04 Mar 1968 in Castorland, Lewis Co., NY
.......... 5 Ralph Lehman, b.  15 Nov 1922 in Lewis Co., NY

Test 173

..1. Christian Layman, b. 1759  in Europe; d. 1810. Inasmuch as Participant 94 is said to trace his line to Lorraine, Fr.; it is fair speculation that this line is from there also buy that is unproven. 
.. +Catherine (Kerber) Gerber, b. 1766
....2. Joseph Layman, b. 1802
.... +Catrina Pelsey, b. 1811; m. 31 Mar 1834
......3. Joseph Layman, b. 1835, d. 1926, the immigrant
......+Elizabeth Rehg, b. 1852; m. 1886 in Woodford Co, IL
........4. John Layman, b. 1869 in Woodford Co.
......... +Elizabeth Zimmerman. b. 1869
..........5. Joseph Layman, b. 17 Apr 1901; d. 17 Apr 1901
.......... +Dena Fehr. b. 1905
............6. Wallace Joseph Layman, b. 1937
............ +Marylin Anne Honneger, b. 1937

Family S
Tests 95
and 96
        Two residents of Richterswil, near Zurich, Switz. participated. They suspected that they might be related to one another but had no knowledge as to how. Inasmuch as they are members of an old Richterswil landowners society (Allmendkorporation) their families must hive lived there since at least 1601. Accordingly, a common ancestor would have been earlier than that. At 12 markers, they were identical to one another and were a perfect match for Test 76. Participant 76 is a descendant of the author’s great-grandfather, Preston’s older brother, Jacob. With eager anticipation, Test 95 was expanded to 37 markers. Sadly, at 37 markers, Result 95 differs from Result 76 by a whopping nine changes. That extrapolates to no significant relationship and stands as still another reminder that 10 and 12-marker tests simply aren’t always reliable. The foregoing tells us that, since we have no match for the Richterswil participants, probably no member of this family was an early immigrant.

Family T
Test 98 
        The participant has traced his ancestors to the LaMont Clan. No further information was provided. There are no matches with anyone with the surname "Lehman" by any spelling. Most matches are about equally divided between  Findlay, Washington and Wylie. The Haplogroup is R-M269, the same as many Swiss.

Family V

Test 101
The participant is a resident of Dudingen, Canton Freiburg, Switz. He has no knowledge that his forefathers ever lived anywhere else but traces his ancestors only to his grandfather. There is no match, again pointing to the likelihood that there was no member of this family who was an early immigrant. 
..1. Peter Lehman, b. abt. 1900 in Dudingen, Canton Freiburg, Switz. 
..+Anna Falk, b. abt. 1902 
....2. Joseph Lehman, b. 26 Jul 1925 in Dudingen 
....+Elizabeth Stadelmann, b. abt. 1927 

Family W
Tests 18, 63, 70, 105, 129 and 141
As will appear, four of the six participants represented by these tests have traced their ancestors to a Jacob Lehman, b. 1764 in Frederick Co., MD. This is the line of Laurine Mae Palmerton Logsden who published Layman-Lehman Records and Lines in the 1980s. Tests 105 and 129, at all 12 common markers, are precise matches for Tests # 63 and 70, both present-day residents of the Swiss Emmental. The ancestors are Langnau Family 4 as it is documented in Lehman Ancestors in the Swiss Emmental before Emigration. We can interpret this to constitute convincing evidence that this family's ancestors are Langnau Family 4 and were probably part of the late 17th Century flight of Swiss refugees, many of whom followed the now-familiar pattern of finding a temporary stopping-off place in Alsace or the Palatinate before coming to the New World. We need to expand the test of at least one of the Swiss matches to rule out a false positive due to only 12 common markers. From all appearances, we have another family connected by DNA tests to Swiss Emmental roots.
..1. Nicholas Lehman, b. abt. 1700 in Niederhorbach, the Palatinate; d. bef. 18 Apr 1741 in Hunspach, Alsace
….2. Phillip Jacob Lehman, b. abt. 1720 in Hunspach. His will probated 17 Dec 1782 in Frederick Co., MD names his children.
….+Maria Barbara Zimmerman, b. abt. 1722 in Hunspach; m. 18 Apr 1741
……3. Jacob Lehman, b. 03 Mar 1764 in Dauphin Co., PA; d. 04 May 1843 in Frederick Co., MD
……..4. Henry Lehman, b. 1794; d. 1856 in Frederick Co.
…….. +Lydia Flohr, b. abt. 1796
……….5. William Layman, b. 12 Nov 1818 in Frederick Co.; d. 20 Aug 1907 in Franklin Co., PA
……….+Catherine Hess, b. abt. 1820; d. 1898 in Franklin Co.
…………6. Benjamin Franklin Layman, b. 08 Feb 1852 in Frederick Co., MD; d. 13 May 1927 in Waynesboro, Franklin Co., PA
…………+Mary Kathryn Detrich, b. abt. 1854               
…………..7. Henry Kremer Layman, b. 25 Apr 1875 in Franklin Co.; d. 30 Nov 1918 in Franklin Co.
…………..+Maude Bell Johnston, b. abt. 1877                    
…………….8. Richard Kremer Layman, b. 17 Feb 1914         
…………….+Annie Belle Moat, b. abt. 1916. Participant 129 descends from Richard and Annie.      
............5. Jacob Lehman, b. 23 Mar 1825 in Pennsylvania; d. 13 Aug 1912 in Montgomery Co., MD
............+Mary J. Dixon, b. abt. 1828, a widow
...............6. Samuel Augustus Lehman, b. 1862 in Frederick Co., MD; d. 1945 in Montgomery Co., MD
...................7. Laurence Lincoln Lehman, b. 1902 in Montgomery Co., MD; d. 1989 in Cherokee Co., OK. His descendants account for Result 18 and 105.
…….. 4. John Layman, b. 1801 in Frederick Co., MD; d. 1876 in Waynesboro, VA
……….5. George Washington Layman, b. 1835 in Frederick Co., MD; d. 1912 in Crimora, Augusta Co.,VA
…………6. John Henry Layman, b. 1869 in Crimora; d. 1914 in Crimora
…………..7. Albert Freed Layman, b. 1910 in Augusta Co., VA; d. 1979 in Waynesboro, VA. His descendant produces Result 19.

Test 63 and 70
The participants are uncle and nephew and, not surprisingly, they match,  They now live at Eggiwil and Langnau, respectively. The family is traced to connect to Langnau Family 4 as it appears in Lehman Ancestors in the Swiss Emmental before Emigration, pp.192-194. Generation 1, below is generation 4 there. 
..1. Ulrich Lehman, b. 30 Apr 1682 in Langnau                      
..+Anna Rotlisberger, b. abt. 1686 in Langnau                      
….2. Ulrich Lehman, b. 29 Jan 1712 in Langnau; d. 15 May 1803 in Langnau
….+Madle Hofer, b. abt. 1714 in Langnau; d. bef. 1754
……3. Ulrich Lehman, b. 23 Oct 1735 in Langnau; d.  01 Dec 1823 in Langnau
……+Anna Schoeni, b. 1734 in Langnau; d.  20 Sep 1781 in Langnau
……..4. Christian Lehman, b. 22 Aug 1762 in Langnau; d. 13 Apr 1805 in Langnau
……+Madlena Gasser, b. 1764 in Langnau                      
……..5. Hans Lehman, b. 22 Jun 1799 in Langnau; d. 10 Jan 1876 in Langnau
……+Anna Berger, b. 13 Dec 1800 in Langnau; d. 11 Apr 1870 in Langnau
……..6. Peter Lehman, b. 07 May 1835 in Langnau      ……+Elizabeth Zaugg, b. abt. 1837; d. 02 Apr 1917 in Eggiwil
……..7. Friedrich Lehman, b. 17 Jan 1859 in Eggiwil        ……+Rosette Stalder, b. 27 Feb 1872; d. 12 Mar 1947 in Eggiwil
……..8. Hans Lehman, b. 26 Mar 1898 in Eggiwil        ……+Louise Ramseier, b. 27 Jul 1901 in Eggiwil. Participant 63 descends from Hans and Louise.           
……..  . 9. Fritz Lehman, b. 1936 in Eggiwil; d.  06 Jan 1984. Participant 70 descends from Fritz.

Test 141
1. Jacob Layman, b. abt. 1725; d. in Frederick Co., MD
....2. Jacob Layman, b. abt. 1755 in Frederick Co., MD
……3. Henry Layman, b. abt. 1785 in Frederick Co.; d. in Augusta Co., VA
……..4. John Layman, b. abt. 1820
……....5. Samuel Layman, b. abt. 1860                 
…………6. John Layman, b. abt. 1900

Family W.1
Test 29
The line is traced historically to connect with Family W but, at 10 markers, results do not match. We might have a match if we had more markers to compare, so we will designate this line Family W.1 and hope for a more comprehensive test somewhere down the line.
            It is not possible to determine with certainty, where in this line of descent the research error is located. We will list only the most recent four generations
..1. John Henry Layman, b. 1850  in Hagerstown, MD ; d. 1921 in Greencastle, PA
…2. Leslie George Layman, b. 1882
 in Pennsylvania ; d. 1916 in Pennsylvania
….3. William Leslie Layman, b. 1910
 in Pennsylvania ; d. 1993 in Las Vegas, NV/ Participant 29 descends from William Leslie. ..

 Families X
The following families Have been assigned designations containing the letter "X". Each participant descends from an immigrant who arrived in the Mid-19th Century or later. They do not match descendants of our mostly Swiss early immigrants nor do any match another.

Family X
Test 111
This participant's ancestor was one of a number of German immigrants in the 1840s to the Hill Country of Central Texas. Today, the German name of the The name of the town of Fredricksburg attests to their German heritage. Haplogroup is I-M253.
..1. Gotfried Lehman, b. abt. 1802 in Friedersdorf, Lausitz, Ger.
..+Anna Rosina, b. 1790 in Prussia
....2. Moritz Maurice Lehman, b. 29 May 1827 in Friedersdorf; d. 11 Oct 1862 in Mason Co., TX
....+Augusta Johanna Adam, b. 27 Feb 1843 in Culm, Pomerania; d. 15 Apr 1912 in Llano Co., TX
......3. Herman Lehman, b. 05 Jun 1859 in Loyal Valley, Mason Co., TX; d. 02 Feb 1932 in Loyal Valley
......+Fannie Light, b. abt. 1870 in Texas, d. 1938 in Texas
........4. John Lehman, b. Dec 1898 in Mason Co,, TX

Family X.1
Test 148

        This Family is traced to Austria. The immigrant came to the Texas Hill Country in the mid-19th Century. Haplogroup is R-M512.
..1. Gabriel Lehman, b. abt. 1739 in Vienna, Aus.           
..+Anne Marie, b. abt. 1741 in Vienna          
….2. Michael Adolph Lehman, b. 1764 in Vienna; d. 1820 in Havelburg, Ger.
….+Maria Theresa Ludwig, b. 1776 in Vienna          
……3. Ludwig Lehman, b. 1794 in Vienna; d. 1855 in Washington Co., TX
……+Caroline Zeye, b. 1800 in Havelburg, Ger. ; d. in Washington Co., TX
……..4. Louis Lehman, b. 1824 in Havelburg, Ger.; d. 1904 in Washington Co.
……….5. Gustav Adolph Lehman, b. 1858 in Washington Co.; d. 1932 in Washington Co.
…………6. Edmund Louis Lehman, b. 1890 in Washington Co.; d. 1955 in Galveston Co., TX

Family X.2
Test 97
he immigrant arrived relatively late and the line is traced to Germany. Haplogroup is I-M253.
..1. William H. Lehman, b. abt. 1805 in Germany
….2. William Elert Lehman, b. May 1828 in Root, NY
……3. Charles Henry Lehman, b. 20 Oct 1857 in Petersham, MA
……..4. Charles Everett Lehman, b. 08 Dec 1879 in Petersham
……….5. Robert Irving Lehman, b. 13 Jul 1905 in Schrewsbury, MA


Test 126

The ancestor immigrated 6 Mar 1909. The family is from east of the Oder River in what is now western Poland. Earlier the area was in Germany. Haplogroup is I-M172.                                              
. ..1. Ferdinand Lehman, b. abt. 1850 in Johanka, Poland; d. in Poland
….2. Gotthelf Lehman, b. 07 Jul 1884 in Johanka, Poland; d. in Lehigh Co., PA
……3. Albert L. Lehman, b. 30 Nov 1918 in Lehigh Co., PA; d. 14 Jan 1995 in Lehigh Co., PA. Participant 126 descends from Albert.

Family X.4
Test 75 
        This family is said to be traced to Alt-Litz Goernicke, in the Brandenburg area of Germany where it is believed to have lived for at least two generations earlier than the immigrant, Daniel. It is east of the Oder River and now in Poland. The family has always been strongly Lutheran and the area they are from was settled earlier by Protestant refugees from Austria and southern Germany. That may have been the origination area. Haplogroup is R-Z283.
..1. Daniel Lehmann, b. 1785 in Brandenburg, Germany; d. 1857 in Hartford, WI
..+Mary Wagner, b. 1785; d. 1869
….2.Ludwig C. Lehmann, b. 17 Dec 1823 in Brandenburg, Germany; d. 26 Dec 1906 in Stanton, NE
….+Amelia Wellnitz, b. abt. 1825; m. Oct 1851 in Hustiford, WI 
……3, Herman Albert Lehmann, b. 05 Apr 1858 in Hustiford, WI; d. 05 Nov 1942 in Stanton, NE
……+Antonia Schwabel, b. 1865; d. 1947
,,,,,,,,4. Phillip Herman Ludwig Lehmann, b. 15 Jul 1886 in Stanton; d. 06 Nov 1962 in Watertown, WI
……….5. Arnold O. Lehman, b. 14 Apr 1914 in Stanton; d. 24 Aug 2009 in Watertown, WI
……….+Ester J. Bishop, b. abt. 1916; m. 03 Oct 1941; d. 12 May 2005

Family X.5
The Haplogroup is I-M253. Haplogroup I dates to 23,000 years ago, or older. The I-M253 lineage likely has its roots in northern France. Today it is found most frequently within Viking/Scandinavian populations in northwest Europe and has since spread down into Central and Eastern Europe, where it is found at low frequencies. Haplogroup I represents one of the first peoples in Europe.
..1. Johann Lehman, b. 1805 in Germany; d. in Eifel, Wiesemscheid, Prussia, Germany
..... 2. Joseph Lehman, b. 15 Jun 1839 in Germany; d. 29 May 1911 in Westphalia, Clinton Co., MI
......3. William Lehman, b. 13 Dec 1870; d. 12 Feb 1922 in Westphalia, Clinton Co.
........4. Frank B. Lehman, b. 12 Feb 1910 in Clinton Co., MI; d. 03 Feb 2000 in Westphalia, Clinton Co. Participant 176 descends from Frank.

Family Y
Test 133 and 179
he ancestral line is said to be traced historically to the family that immigrated into Philadelphia on the Charming Nancy on 03 Oct 1737. Generation 1 is the younger Benedict on the ship list.
The Haplogroup is  G-M201, the same as Family B..
..1. Benedict Lehman, b. abt. 1727 in Europe; d. aft. 1783 in Somerset Co., PA
..+Mary Miller, b. abt. 1729
....2. John Lehman, b. abt. 1749; d. abt. 1842
....+Mary Pritz, b. abt. 1751; m. 11 Feb 1771
......3. Peter Lehman, b. abt. 1782 in Somerset Co., PA; d. 1838
......+Rachel Berkey, b. abt. 1784
........4. Peter Lehman, b. 07 Feb 1819 in Somerset Co.; d. 16 Jul 1894 in Cambria Co., PA
........+Susanna Rodabush, b. abt. 1821
..........5. Peter James Lehman, b. 20 Dec 1852 in Cambria Co., PA; d. 19 Nov 1910
............6. Ira Basel Lehman, b. 1881 in Cambria Co.; d. Nov 1937 in Cambria Co. A descendant of Ira produced Result 133.

Test 179
.1. Jacob David Layman, b. 11 Aug 1805 in Virginia; d. 14 May 1861
..+Elizabeth Crotinger, b. abt. 1807
….2. Henry Layman, b. 17 Dec 1842 in Union Co., OH; d. 07 Sep 1892
….+Abigal Jenkins, b. abt. 1844
……3. John Wesley Layman, b. 1873; d. 1930
……+Mary Addie Caryer b. 1879; d. 1918……..4. Verna Otis Layman, b. 1898; d. 1957
……….5. Carl Wesley Layman, b. 1923; d. 2011. Participant 179 descends from Carl.

Families Z 
        Some test results do not match results of any other test or, in some cases, other tests generated by one or more individuals proven to have descended from a believed common ancestor. As to some, the posibility exists that we are dealing with a descendant of a previously-undocumented immigrant. The explanation may be am adoption, name change, false paternity, etc. In other words, the individual tested may not be genetically descended from the ancestor that he believes himself to be descended from. See the “About DNA Testing” page for further discussion of this subject. Some of those results we will designate as Category Z. For the exact scores at all markers tested, see the “Appendix” page. 

Family Z.1
Test 160

The earliest known ancestor may be a late 18th Century immigrant. The Haplogroup is R-M512.
..1. Frederick Layman, b. abt. 1786 in Europe            
….2. Wilson Layman, b. abt. 1811 in Pennsylvania      
……3. Wilson Layman, b. abt. 1849 in Pennsylvania      
……..4. George Lynn Layman, b. 1872 in Monogahela Co., PA              
……….5. Harold Eugene Layman, b. 1900 in Monongahela Co.; d. 1936 in Stoneham, MA
…………6. Robert Francis Layman, b. 09 Sep 1923 in Stoneham, MA; d. 12 Jan 1995 in Chelsea, ME. Participant 160 descends from Robert.

Family Z.2
Tests 99, 102 and 116
         These 3 tests have all  been expanded to 37 markers and are confirmed  as close cousins. These participants trace their ancestry respectively to a Jacob Lemon and a Thomas Jefferson Lemon, both of whom were raised in Botetourt Co., VA as sons of Frederick Lemon, b. abt. 1757 and his wife, Mary Seh. Frederick's line is Family C. 1 and the two do not match genetically. Additionally, information supplied by Jacob's son, Jacob, b. 1834, on the elder Jacob's death record names the elder Jacob's parents to have been a yet unidentified "John and Betsy." Haplogroup is R-M269. The lines of descent are:
..1. Jacob Lemon, b. 1793 in Botetourt Co., VA
..+Mary Wier Crawford, b. abt. 1795 in Botetourt Co.
....2. William H. Lay Lemon, b. 1833; d. 1865
......3. Jacob Abraham Lemon, b. 1863; d. 1918
........4. James Gordon Lemon, b. 1899; d. 1972
..........5. William Jacob Lemon, b. 1932 in Roanoke Co., VA. Participant 102 descends from William Jacob Lemon.

....2. Jacob Lemon, b. 1834 in Botetourt Co., VA
....+Mary Jane Reid, b. abt. 1836
......3. Charles Lemon, b. 1864 in Botetourt Co.
......+Gussie Belle King, b. abt. 1866
........4. Everette Lemon, b. abt. 1890 in Botetourt Co.
..........5. Curtis Lemon, b. abt. 1920. Participant 99 descends from Curtis Lemon.
..1. Thomas Jefferson Lemon, b. abt. 1801 in Botetourt Co., VA; d. abt. 1889
....2.  Thomas Jefferson Lemon, b. 11 Jul 1841 in Botetourt Co.
Walter Benjamin Lemon, b. abt. 1865
........4. Walter Benjamin Lemon, b. abt. 1910. Participant 116 descends from Walter Benjamin Lemon

Family Z.3
Test 170

..1 Nathan W. Lamon, b. abt. 1832: d. 02 Oct 1878 in Morgan Co., AL. Nathan entered service in the Confederate Army as a private on Mar. 4, 1862 at Decatur, AL. in Capt. Humphrey’s 27th AL. Infantry. He then served until the end of the war in the Army of Tennessee  including the Battle of Shiloh under Gen. Albert Sidney Johnston
... ..+Margaret J. White, b. abt. 1834; m. 15 Mar 1855 in Morgan Co., Al
....2. Albert Sidney Lamon, b. 28 Dec 1868 in Morgan Co., AL; d. 05 Jul 1946 in Limestone Co., AL
.... +Sophronia Angeline Dodd, b. 03 Oct 1869 in Limestone Co., AL; m. 27 Sep 1893 in Morgan Co., AL; d. 18 Oct 1961 in Limestone Co.
*2nd Wife of Nathan W. Lamon: ..+Susan Crow, b. abt. 1841
......3. Lonnie Sylvester Lamon, b. 15 Feb 1898 in Limestone Co., AL; d. 03 Jun 1952 in Yuba Co., CA
...... +Ossie Rebecca Crouch, b. 24 Apr 1901 in Limestone Co., AL; m. 14 Aug 1917; d. 19 Mar 1983 in Sutter Co., CA
........4 Lonnie Grady Lamon, b. 15 Nov 1920; d. 28 May 1985 in Yuba Co., CA
........+Elizabeth Ann Jone, b.09 May 1924 in St. Johns Co., FL; m. 29 Dec 1943 in Duvall Co., FL; d. 02 May 1983 in Yuba Co., CA

Families Z.4 and Z.5
Tests 109 and 110
These participants are nephew and uncle. Their line has been convincingly traced to
John Layman, b. 1824 to 1826 in Sevier Co., TN. His family appears on the Sevier Co., TN 1850 U. S. Census, household # 141. He is almost surely of Family A. 1. The two tests not only do not match Family A. 1 but they do not match one another nor any other test to date. The direct line is:
..1. John Layman, b. bet. 1824 - 1826 in Sevier Co., TN; d.  03 Dec 1869 in Sevier Co.
.. +Virena Thurman, b. 1826; d.  04 Jan 1911 in Sevier Co.
….2. Daniel Layman, b. 14 Jul 1848 in Sevier Co.; d.  24 Jul 1921 in Sevier Co.
….+Orleans Baxter, b. abt. 1850 in Sevier Co.; m. 18 Jan 1882; d. 11 Sep 1902 in Cosby, Cocke Co., TN
……3. William Hudson Layman, b. 02 Jul 1886 in Cocke Co., TN; d. 11 Jul 1958 in Knox Co., TN
……+Nannie Wilson Martin, b. 06 Feb 1899; m. 14 Feb 1921; d. 25 Mar 1987 in Roane Co., TN
……..4. Jewell Ory Layman, b. 05 Dec 1932 in Little Rock, CA; d. 23 Dec 2005 in Warner Robbins, GA

Family Z. 6
Test 134
,..1. William H. Lehman, b. 1825; d. 18 Mar 1877
....2. William Isaac Lehman, b. 1872; d. 1947
......3. John Wesle Lehman, b. Nov 1901; d. 1977
........4. John Wesley Lehman, b. 21 May 1921; d. 30 Jun 2000. A descendant produces Result 134. It has no match. We may  have here descendants of a yet-undocumented immigrant. Conversely, the more likely explanation may be an adoption, etc. The haplogroup is E-M78

Family Z.7
Test 161
        The participant traces his line with certainty only to Harvey G. Lehman, b. 1871. The result does not match any other  in the study. The family is tentatively designated Family Z.7. FTDNA designates it Haplogroup R-M269. It cannot be ruled out that he is descended from one of the early 18th Century immigrant  of whom we have heretofore been unable to identify a descendant. There are still forty  or so out there. 
        A recently surfacing family story explains the mis-matching score by a workplace rape resulting in gen.2.
..1. Harvey G. Lehman, b. 1871; d. 1950
..+Clara Fetrow, b. 1870
....2. Ralph Lehman, b. 1891; d. 1973
…. +Grace R. Lutsinger, b. Abt. 1892
……3. Harvey Lehman, b. 1918; d. 2003
…… +Flo Markley, b. abt. 1920. Participant 161 descends frm Harvey and Flo.

Family Z.8
Test 147 and 182

        Both the test result and the historical research of these participants match. They descend from two different sons of Henry and Elizabeth Cretsinger. The results matche, at the 10 common markers Tests 28 and 30. The Test 28 participant, however, traces his line to John of Rockingham Co., NC, as does Participant 140 who has tested sufficient markers and Test 147 and 182 do not match Test 140. Accordingly, we can rule out Participant 147 and 182 being descended from or related to Rockingham Co., NC John. We cannot rule out Participant 147 and 162 being related to Participant 130 . We will, pending exploration of a relationship with Test 30, tentatively designate Test 147 and 182  as Family Z.8; Haplogroup  R-M269.
..1. Henry Layman, b. abt. 1800               
..+Elizabeth Cretsinger, b. abt. 1802; m. 12 Oct 1824 in Shenandoah Co., VA 
….2. Isaac Layman, b. abt. 1840 in Union Co., OH; d. 1915 in Champaign Co., IL
….+Martha Jane Penney. b. 1854; d. 1940
……3. Gilbert Earl Layman, b. 1886 in Champaign Co., IL; d. 1963 in Hardin Co., OH
……+Bernice Faye Putnam. b. abt. 1886; d. 1975
……..4 . Earl Junior Layman, b. abt. 1923 in Hardin Co., OH; d. 1977 in Crawford Cp., OH
……..+Dolores Dionne Phillips. b. abt. 1930 in Hardin Co., OH; d. 2007.Participant 182 descends from Earl and Dolores.
….2. Andrew Layman, b. abt. 1851               
….+Blanch Pegram, b. abt. 1853               
……3. Andrew Herbert Layman, b. 1893 in Lincoln, Logan Co., IL              
……+Grace Hodnett, b. abt. 1895           
……..4. Andrew Hodnett Layman, b. 1917 in Garden City, Finney Co., KS.                 
……..+Bobbie Alfrey, b. abt. 1919. Participant 147 descends from Andrew and Bobbie.

Family Z.13
Test 71
This family is said to be traced to the Family F ancestors; however the test results do not match the Family F participants who do match one-another. It is  re-designated from Family M. It  is Haplogroup R-M269.
..1. Jacob Laiman, b. abt. 1773 in Lancaster Co., PA; d. 01 Mar 1817 in Marion Co., VA
..+Susannah Catherine, b. abt. 1775; m. 01 Dec 1792 in Lancaster Co.
….2. John Layman, b. 30 Oct 1796 in Lancaster Co.; d. abt. 1870 in Colombiana Co., OH
….+ Naomi Fast, b. abt. 1796; m. 1815 in Monogehela Co., VA
……3. Eugenus Layman, b. 1824 in Colombiana Co.; d. abt. 1864 in Marion Co., WV
……+ Drusilla, b. abt 1829
……..4. Grant Eugene Layman, b. 1863 in Marion Co., VA; d. 1942
........+ Mary R. Comston, b. abt. 1865
……...5. James Walter Layman, b. 1889
……....+ Floda Hughes, b. abt 1891

Family Z.10
Test 21
        This result falls into Haplogroup R-M267.

..1. Michel Lehman, b. abt. 1790 in Alsace, France; d. 1835 in Montgomery Co., OH
….2. Joseph C. Lehman, b. abt. 1830 in Stark Co., OH; d. in Montgomery Co., OH
...…3. Francis M. Lehman, b. 1871; d. 1938
........4. Earl A. Lehman, b. 1903               
..........5. Thomas D. Lehman, b. abt. 1930  

Family Z.11
We have no ancestors for this participant. The name is spelled Laymance. At 37 markers, most matches are Condit and Cunduit. 

Information was compiled and edited by Earl R. Layman, elayman814@aol.com, 2525 Lakefront Dr., Knoxville, TN 37922. Revised 28 Dec. 2017


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