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    This Lehman, Layman, Lemon Genealogy, DNA Enhanced website came into existence for the purpose of keeping the Lehman (by any of a multitude of spellings) researcher abreast of developments brought about by research and by DNA tests. While DNA testing has, indeed, added a new and exciting dimension to discovering our family history, there is still much to be learned by old-fashioned historical research. Many Lehman family researchers continue to diligently pursue knowledge of their lines by conventional research and that is as it should be. Boiled down to its simplest terms, DNA tests only establish or disprove connections between bodies of knowledge previously acquired. Acquisition itself of the knowledge must be accomplished in a more conventional manner.
  In 2006 your compiler published in Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook what he had to then compiled on the various early Lehman immigrants and their known descendants, enhanced by 70 DNA tests. This page of the website subsequently has served the purpose of making available for the Lehman researcher information that has come to light subsequent to the publishing of Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook  in 2006.
    Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook, 2011 Supplement, now available for distribution,  is for the purpose of publishing, in a durable form for all Lehman researchers, present and future, information on descendants of the various early Lehman immigrants not known or not available when Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook went to the publisher. An additional 60 tests since that date added to the information. Orders for Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook, 2011 Supplement, at a cost of $8, can now be filled.
    Since the "cut-off" date for inclusion in Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook, 2011 Supplement, information continues to accumulate. It will appear here. It will commence with the data acquired as a result of Test 131 and go foreword. . Data acquired through Test 130 appears in Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook, 2011 Supplement, That same data, in a different formant, may be found on other pages of this website.
This page of the website now becomes, for want of more sophisticated terminology, a sort of  “Supplement to the Supplement.” It will make accessible data that has come to light after the compiling of Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook 2011 Supplement
       Here, chapter and page references are to Lehman, Layman Genealogy Handbook as augmented by the 2011 Supplement, and entries on this page are in the order in which they appear in the book. Text quoted from the original book or from the 2011 Supplement is in italics. Text comprising an addition or correction is in quotation marks.

Ch. 4, p. 38 (Supplement p. 4). Delete the paragraph of the Supplement p. 4 beginning "Notwithstanding the foregoing reasoning." Substitute in its place the following:
Ch 5, p. 61; (Supplement, p. 10), on this website."

Ch. 4, p. 53. After the first complete entry on p. 54 that begins, "........;..He married Leah 
Elizabeth Seitz," insert the following:
............6. Jacob Seitz Lehman, b. 29 Nov 1843 in  Franklin Co., PA; d. 20 Oct 1919 in Greene Tsp, Franklin Co.
............ +Barbara H. Oberholtzer, b. 07 Nov 1844 in Franklin Co.: m. 20 Nov 1865 in Franklin Co.; d. 19 Feb 1910
............ ..7.  Joseph Oberholser Lehman, b. 29 Sep 1868 in Franklin Co., d. 23 Dec 1928 in Cumberland Co., PA
............ ....8. Noah Eber Lehman, b. 02 Sep 1902. Participant 136 descends from Noah.
…………6. John Seitz Lehman, b. 01 Mar 1834; d. 18 Nov 1909
…………..7. John Neisley Lehman, b. 01 Mar 1875; d. 23 May 1927
…………….8. Nathan Henry Lehman, b. 28 Oct 1908; d. 1984
………………9. Kenneth Lee Lehman, b. 10 Nov 1934

A descendant of Kenneth generates Result 154."

Ch. 4, p. 53.  After the entry that begins, “..........5. Joseph Kreider Lehman, b. 22 Aug 1812,” insert the following:                         
"............6. Joseph Oberholzer Lehman, b. 21 Sep 1868                    
..8. Robert Byers Lehman, b. 1927 .  Participant 136 descends from Robert"   

Ch. 4, p. 54.  After the entry that begins; ..........He married Leah Elizabeth Seitz, insert the following:
…………6. John Seitz Lehman, b. 01 Mar 1834; d. 18 Nov 1909
…………..7. John Neisley Lehman, b. 01 Mar 1875; d. 23 May 1927
…………….8. Nathan Henry Lehman, b. 28 Oct 1908; d. 1984
………………9. Kenneth Lee Lehman, b. 10 Nov 1934
A descendant of Kenneth generates Result 154."
".........6. Joseph Obenholzer Lehman, b. 21 Sep 1868       
..............7. Noah Eber Lehman, b. 02 Sep 1902. Participant 136 descends from Noah."

Ch.4, p. 59. At the end of the page and end of th chapter, add the following:
"Test 138                                                      
..1. Joseph Leaman, b. abt. 1798 in New York               
..+Mary; b. abt. 1800; d. aft. 1870 in Lebanon Co. PA
….2. Joseph Leaman, b. 27 Jan 1841 in Lebanon Co.; d. 23 Feb 1899 in Lebanon Co.
….+Lavina Peffley, b. 07 Aug 1844; d. 30 Jan 1925 in Lebanon Co. 
……3. Ellwood C. Leaman, b. Dec 1881 in Lebanon Co.             
……+Mary Fitterer, b. abt. 1885 in Lebanon Co.                  
……..4. Ralph F. Leaman, b. 1912 in Lebanon Co.                
…….+Ora W. Shatzer, b. abt. 1914 in Lebanon Co. Test 138 participant descends from Ralph and Ora.  

Test 144

..1. John Layman, b. 24 Aug 1769 in York Co., PA       
..+Elizabeth, b. abt. 1774       
....2. Peter Layman, b. 23 Jan 1796 in York Co.; d. aft. 1850 in Richland Co., OH
….+Sarah Long, b. abt. 1798 
......3. Lemuel Grimes Layman, b. 19 Jul 1827 in
Pennsylvania; d. aft. 1870 in Crawford Co., OH
......+Isabell McClay, b. abt. 1829        
........4. Gaylord Elmer Layman, b. 07 Mar 1859 in Richland Co., OH    
........+Princess Eleaneor Berry, b. abt. 1861        

……….5. Gaylord Bovell Layman, b. 21 Jan 1884 in Marion Co., OH
……….+Amy Unzella Uncaper, b. abt. 1886       
…………6. Marion Earl Layman, b. 16 Sep 1908 in Marion Co.         
…………+Freda Ruth Evlyn Kurry, b. abt. 1910. Participant 144 descends from Mar


Test 155
..1. David Lemons, b. abt. 1805 in Louisiana; d. aft. 1850
.. +Marcona, b. abt. 1807 in Louisiana
….2. Elijah Solomon Lemons, b. 16 Aug 1845 in Sabine Par., LA
…. +Cloey Britt, b. abt. 1848 in Sabine Par.
……3. Noah Solomon Lemons, b. 03 Mar 1877 in Sabine Par.
……+Mollie Mary Ingram, b. abt. 1879 in Sabine Par.
……..4. Avie Lemons, b. 16 Sep 1909 in Sabine Par.
…….. +Eva Bernice Cranford, b. abt. 1911 in Sabine Par.
By reason of their producing a 13 at dys 439, we know that Participants 138, 144 and 155, this family, descend from Peter. We just don't yet know exactly how."

Ch 5, p. 61
. (Supplement, p. 10). Delete the sentence beginning, "Christian's biological mother."  Substitute in its place the following: 
" Your compiler, as well as other researchers, have relied on John Kilbourne’s research reported in his letter dated 13 May 1955 on York Co. Historical Society letterhead for supporting the premise that Christian who m. Catherine Newkommett was the son of  Peter and Mary or, at the least, reared in their household as a son. Kilbourne apparently failed to read Rudolph’s will in which he referred to Christopher as “my son." Thanks in large part to recent research led by a descendant, Robert L. (Bob) Lehman, questions relating to Christian's parents appear resolved. The Christopher named in Rudolph's will and the Christian who m. Catherine Neukomett and whose birth date we now estimate as bef. 10 Oct 1745 were one and the same person. Kilbourne's conclusion that Christian was the son of Peter, b. abt. 1726 and his wife, Maria, was error. Christian was the youngest child of Rudolph and his wife, Frena.  If whoever drew Rudolph's will had added the word "other" before the word "children" the will would make perfect sense. The Christian erroneously assumed by Kilbourne to have been Christian, b. bef. 10 Oct 1745, named in the will of Abraham Lehman, was actually Christian, b. abt. 1760 to Peter Lehman of  York Tsp. and his wife, Maria (Mary). The latter Christian  married Rosanna McClean on 25 Sep 1781 in the First Reformed Church of York, PA. His will was probated 30 Mar 1822 in York Co. and recorded in Will Book J, page 362. The Christian named in Abraham's will, executed 11 Mar 1805, was referred to there as a living person. Christian who m. Catherine Neukommett died in 1797. Hopefully, this will finally lay to rest questions that have bedeviled Lehman researchers for years." 

Ch 5, Supplement, p. 11. After the entry beginning "........+Susanna Arnold, b. 14 Dec 1800," insert the following:
……....5. Daniel T. Lehman, b. 14 Feb 1822 in Hellam Tsp., York Co., PA; d. 15 Jan 1890 in Hellam Tsp.
……....+Elizabeth, b. 05 Sep 1822; d. 18 Oct 1899 in Hellam Tsp.
……….6. Horace E. Lehman, b. 1864 in York Co.; d. Aug 1936 in Washington, DC
……….+Gertrude Freel, b. abt. 1866; d. 17 Feb 1907
………..7. Karl O. Lehman, b. 1897; d. 1983
………..+Dorothy Schoemaker, b. 22 Feb 1903           
…………8. Horace R. Lehman, b. 1927 in Washington, D. C.; d. 1995
…………+Joan Cannon, b. 04 Nov 1930. Participant 149 descends from Horace and Joan.

Ch 5, p. 80.  After the entry that begins, "....+Mary Murphy Miller, b. 04 Mar 1837," insert the following:
".......3. William Jessie Laman, b. abt. 1877 in Allen Co., OH d. 29 Jul 1958 in Allen Co.
......+Zelma Lee Donley, b. 1888 in Van Wert Co., OH; m. 27 May 1906; d. 1964
........4. Roy W. Laman, b. 11 Oct 1909 in Allen Co., OH; d. 12 Aug 2006 in Ohio
........+Helen J. Frudley, b. abt. 1911. A descendant of Roy and Helen provides Result 150.
This is the line of Dave Koester, whose loyalty and expertise in serving as Technical Advisor for our Lehman web site is gratefully acknowledged. A 13 at dys 439 in Result 150 tells us that this family is probably descended from Peter.

Ch 6, p. 70. Delete the last sentence of the second paragraph, which begins, "Inasmuch as Results #66 and 68" and add the following paragraph:

    "In early 2013, analysis of all Family A.1 test results yielded the conclusion that, stripped to its simplest terms, Peter descendants produce a 13 at Marker 9, dys 439, while other Family A.1 descendants generate a 12. The Swiss cousin, Andreas, matches Rudolph and Hans descendants. We can  conclude that all proven descendants of Peter show a value of 13 at dys 439, Marker 9. Descendants of Rudolph, Hans, and the Worb Switz. resident's Test #68, show a 12. We can conclude that the change came about in the Peter line downstream of the common ancestor of Peter and either and all of the other three. Inasmuch as descendants of 3 different sons of Peter all show the change from 12 to 13 at dys 439, the change was upstream of Peter. Accordingly, those Family A.1 participants in the DNA project who have not been able to trace their line to their immigrant and who produce a 13 at dys 439, can conclude that their Immigrant is Peter. Those who generate a 12 at dys 439 descend from either Rudolph or Hans. Unfortunately, no similar distinguishing feature between Rudolph and Hans appears. This dould change as more comprehensive test results are recorded.

Ch 6, p. 71. Delete the entire paragraph beginning, "The participant who generated Result 66." Substitute in its place the following:
"The participant who generated Result 66, by reason of his producing a score of 12 at dys 439, may be concluded to be a descendant of either Rudolph or Hans but not of Peter."

Ch. 6, p. 76. At the end of the the first paragraph, add the sentence, "Test 131, by a George Allen descendant, produces a 13 at dys 439, proving this line to be descended from Peter."

Ch. 6, p.78.  After the entry that begins, “........4. Roy Carl Laman, b: 08 Sep 1915,” insert the following:
”……3. Roland Robert Laman, b. 16 Oct 1894 in Mason Co., TX; d. 08 Apr 1985 in San Angelo, TX
.. ……4. David Lee Laman, b. 23 May 1936. His
descendant generates Result 131."  

Ch. 6, p. 83. Delete the entire paragraph beginning, "We learn as we go along" and add to the previous  paragraph  the sentence, "A 13 at dys 439 in Result 62 proves Participant 62 and accordingly Participant 14 and their ancestor, Christopher,  to be  descendants of Peter."

    Ch. 6, p. 85. At the end of the chapter, following the entry that begins, “….he married Mary Ann Keeler,” add the following:
Test 137
..1. Samuel Lehman, b. abt. 1855        
....2. Winfield Scott Lehman, b. 1881         
......3. Ira Jay Lehman, b. abt. 1907 in Ohio             
........4. Lonny Wayne Lehman, b. abt. 1946 in Wooster, Ohio. Result 137 is produced by a descendant of Lonny. 

  Ch. 7, p. 88 (Family A.1). After the entry that begins, “..….He married Christina Hershey,” insert the following:    
“........4. Benjamin Lehman, b. 21 Apr 1794 in Dauphin Co., PA; d. 11 May 1867 in Cumberland Co., PA
........+Magdalena W. Oberholtzer, b. 03 Apr 1791; m. 1817; d. 21 May 1854 in Cumberland Co., PA
..........5. John O. Lehman, b. 10 Jul 1823 in Cumberland Co., PA; d. 25 Jan 1887 in Franklin Co., PA
..........+Elizabeth Burkholder, b. abt. 1825; m. 1850
    ............6. Joseph B. Lehman, b. 11 Aug 1853; d. 1913 in Franklin Co., PA
...........+Fanny W. Ernst, b. Nov 1857         
..............7. George E. Lehman, b. 07 Oct 1880; d. 21 Apr 1956 in Lancaster Co., PA
...............+Leah Z. Martin, b. 03 May 1894 in Lancaster Co.; m. 1905; d. 06 May 1954 in Lancaster Co.
................8. Lester M. Lehman, b. 11 Dec 1910; d. 10 Nov 1981 in Lancaster Co. ................+Eva M. Groff, b. 02 Mar 1912; d. 20 Apr 1987 in Lancaster Co. A descendant of Lester and Eva generates Result 132

Ch. 7, p. 90 (Family A.1).  After the entry, “......He married Susanna," insert the following:
........4. Joseph B. Lehman, b. 10 Jan 1817 in Pennsylvania; d. 06 Feb 1904 in Wayne Co., OH
….....+Frances Frick, b. abt. 1819 in Pennsylvania; m. 04 Mar 1847 in Pennsylvania; d. 1908 in Wayne Co., OH
….......5. Samuel Francis Lehman, b.  26 Aug 1849 in Lancaster Co., PA; d. 13 Jan 1918 in Reno Co., KS
.... ......+Elizabeth Martin Fritz, b. 02 Oct 1849 in Lancaster Co., PA; d. 02 Apr 1942 in Reno Co.
............6. Phares Lehman, b.  25 Jul 1878 in Sterling, KS; d. 08 Jun 1949 in Nickerson, KS
............+Rhoda Margaret Wilson, b. 15 Aug 1880 in Ellinwood, KS; d. 18 Aug 1955 in Hutchison, KS
..............7. William Ernest Lehman, b.  25 Oct 1907 in Nickerson, KS, d. Aug 1969 in Hutchison, KS
..............+Della Edith Woods, b. 14 Apr 1910; d. Jun 1974 in Hutchison.
...............,8. Kenneth W. Lehman, b.  09 Jun 1939 in Hutchison 
................+Wilma Wolf, b. 11 Dec 1940 in Germany. Participant 143 descends from Kenneth and Wilma."  

Ch. 9, Supplement p. 19 (Re-designated Family D.1) Following the entry that begins, " ......+Sarah Summers," insert the following:
.......4. Alexander Lemons, b. 10 Apr 1814 in Rockingham Co. ..........5.  John Lafayette Lemons, b. 04 May 1843 in Henry Co., TN;  d. 28 Aug 1905 in Alto Pass. IL
............6. John Edger Lemons, b. 25 Aug 1870 in Union Co., IL;      d. 08 Dec 1934 in Mississippi Co., MO
..............7. Ivan Lafayette Lemons, b. 28 Oct 1915 in Mississippi Co., MO; d. 05 Apr 1971 in Mississippi Co.
................8. Kenneth Ray Lemons, b. 19 Jul 1936 in Mississippi Co., MO.  Participant 140 descends from Kenneth.  

Ch 11, Supplement p. 30
At the bottom of the page, following the entry that begins, "..........5. Jack Lehman, b. 18 Mar 1928," add the following:
"Family L.
Test 153
        At 37 markers, the score is a perfect match for Results 82 and 85. He is a descendant of Hans, the Bishop, but the line of descent has not been definitely established."

Ch. 16, p. 108. Delete the entire entry beginning "......3. John Lemons, b. 1787," including that of the wife, Sarah. Insert in its place the following:
"......3. John Lemons, b. 11 Apr 1791 in Rockingham Co., NC
.........+Sarah Sommers, b. 07 Jul 1795 in North Carolina; m. abt. 1813 
........4. Alexander Lemons, b. 10 Apr 1814 in Rockingham Co. 
..........5.  John Lafayette Lemons, b. 04 May 1843 in Henry Co., TN; d. 28 Aug 1905 in Alto Pass. IL
............6. John Edger Lemons, b. 25 Aug 1870 in Union Co., IL; d. 08 Dec 1934 in Mississippi Co., MO
..............7. Ivan Lafayette Lemons, b. 28 Oct 1915 in Charleston, MO; d. 05 Apr 1971 in Charleston, MO
................8. Kenneth Ray Lemons, b. 19 Jul 1936 in Charleston, MO. Participant 140 descends from Kenneth.  The score matches Result 28 at all nine common markers."    

Ch. 16, Supplement p. 36 (Family G), following the entry that begins, “..........+Edith Harmon,” insert the following:
"The Test 84 and 146 lines connect historically. They differ by 3 changes at 37 markers. Each differs by only one from Result 146, with whose producer they do not, as yet, connect historically but they are all closely related.
.1. John Lamans, b. abt. 1740; d. aft. 7 Apr 1792 in Robeson Co., NC 
….2. Mordecai Lamons, b. abt. 1775; d. 1841 in Morgan Co., AL
….+ Mary Black, b. abt. 1777; d. 1860    
……3. Peter Jackson Lamons, b. 1812 
……+ Sarah West, b. 1815; d. 1902
……..4. John Wesley William Lamons, b. 13 Dec 1840 in Morgan Co., AL                
……..+Rebecca Ann Stree, b. 16 Mar 1864; m. 05 May 1878 in Howell Co., MO    
……….5. Orville Lamons, b. abt. 1885            
…………6. Merle Franklin Lamons, b. 24 Sep 1917 in Oklahoma; d. 24 Nov 1988 in San Bernadino Co., CA. Participant 139 descends from Merle.
Test 146
..1. Anderson Leamon, b. abt. 1826 in Tennessee 
..+Patsy Garner, b. abt. 1828; m. 1845 
….2. Samuel Thomas Leamon, b. Aug 1846 in Murray Co., GA; d. 1916 in McMinn Co., TN
……3. Tobe Charles Leamon, b. 06 Mar 1887 in Bradley Co., TN; d. 08 Mar 1972 in Jefferson Co., AL
……..4. Charles Lowell Leamon, b. 06 Nov 1913 in Bradley Co., TN; d. 02 Feb 1980 in Jefferson Co., AL. Participant 146 descends from Charles."

Ch. 16, Supplement p. 40.(Family O). Following the sentence, "Participant 130 descends from Leroy and Ellen,", add the following:
Test 142   
At 12 markers, this result differs from Family O by one change, making a relationship possible but not probable.
..1. George Leman, b. 1778 in Ireland, d. Aug 1859 in Niagara Co., NY
..+Alice, b. 1780 in Ireland, d. 1865 in Niagara Co., NY
….2. Robert Leemon, b. 1804 in Ireland, d. 18 Oct 1889 in Dodge Co., WI
….+Hayes, b. abt. 1806 in Schohorie Co., NY; d. abt. 1840 in New York
……3. Robert Lemon, b. 08 Mar 1827 in Albany Co., NY; d. 29 Aug 1915 in Butler Co., KS
……+Angeline, b. 14 Sep 1834 in New York; d. 23 Jan 1879 in Marion Co., KS
……..4. Sidney Leamon, b. 31 Jul 1861 in Waupon Co., WI; d. 09 Aug 1924 in Cook Co., IL
……..+Elizabeth Estella Turner, b. 10 Jun 1863 in Hastings, England; d. 28 Feb 1942 in Cook Co., IL
………. 5. Walter Erwin Leamon, b. 04 Jun 1889 in Cook Co., IL; d. 03 Apr 1952 in Cook Co., IL
……….+Elfrieda Christine Scharlau, b. 14 Oct 1889 in Vermillion Co., IL; d. 03 Jun 1971 in Cook Co., IL
…………6. Walter Earl Leamon, b. 05 Apr 1911 in Hendricks Co., IL; d. 15 Nov 1969 in Cook Co., IL
…………+Mary Jane Barry, b. 22 Feb 1913 in Cook Co., IL; d. 25 Apr 1970 in Cook Co., IL
…………..7. Walter Barry Leamon, b. 13 Sep 1940 in Cook Co., IL; d. 03 Dec 2003 in Cook Co., IL" 

Ch. 16, Supplement p. 44 (Family W). Following the entry that begins, "Participant 70 descends from Fritz," insert  the following:
"Test 141
his additional test differs at 67 markers from Test 129 by only 3 changes, although not yet connected by historical research.
1. Jacob Layman, b. abt. 1725; d. in Frederick Co., MD
....2. Jacob Layman, b. abt. 1755 in Frederick Co., MD
……3. Henry Layman, b. abt. 1785 in Frederick Co., MD; d. in Augusta Co., VA
……..4. John Layman, b. abt. 1820
……....5. Samuel Layman, b. abt. 1860                 
…………6. John Layman, b. abt. 1900"


Ch. 16, Supplement p. 45.(Family U). Following the last entry on the page, add the following:                                                       
"Test 134
..1. William H. Lehman, b. 1825; d. 18 Mar 1877
....2. William Isaac Lehman, b. 1872; d. 1947
......3. John Wesley Lehman, b. Nov 1901; d. 1977
........4. John Wesley Lehman, b. 21 May 1921; d. 30 Jun 2000. A descendant produces Result 134."

Family Z.8
Test 147

        The result matches at the 10 common markers Tests 28 and 30. The Test 28 participant, however, traces his line to John of Rockingham Co., NC, as does Participant 140 who has tested sufficient markers and Test 147 does not match Test 140. Accordingly, we can rule out Participant 147 being descended from or related to Rockingham Co., NC John. We cannot rule out Participant 147 and Participant 130 being related. We will, pending exploration of a relationship with Test 30, tentatively designate Test 147 as Family Z.8.
..1. Henry Layman, b. abt. 1800               
..+Elizabeth Cretsinger, b. abt. 1802; m. 12 Oct 1824 in Shenandoah Co., VA         
….2. Andrew Layman, b. abt. 1851               
….+Blanch Pegram, b. abt. 1853               
……3. Andrew Herbert Layman, b. 1893 in Lincoln, IL              
……+Grace Hodnett, b. abt. 1895           
……..4. Andrew Hodnett Layman, b. 1917 in Garden City, KS.                 
……..+Bobbie Alfrey, b. abt. 1919. Participant 147 descends from Andrew and Bobbie.

Ch. 16, p. 186 (Supplement p. 45) 
Family X.1
Test 149

        This Family is traced to Austria. The immigrant came to the Texas Hill Country in the mid-19th Century.
..1. Gabriel Lehman, b. abt. 1739 in Vienna, Aus.           
..+Anne Marie, b. abt. 1741 in Vienna          
….2. Michael Adolph Lehman, b. 1764 in Vienna; d. 1820 in Havelburg, Ger.
….+Maria Theresa Ludwig, b. 1776 in Vienna          
……3. Ludwig Lehman, b. 1794 in Vienna; d. 1855 in Washington Co., TX
……+Caroline Zeye, b. 1800 in Havelburg, Ger., d. in Washington Co.
……..4. Louis Lehman, b. 1824 in Havelburg, Ger., d. 1904 in Washington Co.
……….5. Gustav Adolph Lehman, b. 1858 in Washington Co., TX, d. 1932 in Washington Co.
…………6. Edmund Louis Lehman, b. 1890 in Washington Co.; d. 1955 in Galveston Co., TX

Family F
Tests 83 and 151

 ..1. John Layman, b. 30 Oct 1796 in Lancaster Co., PA; d. abt. 1870 in Colombiana Co., OH
..+Naomi Fast, b. abt. 1795 in Green Co., PA; m. 1815 in Monagehela Co., VA; d. abt. 1852 in Barbour Co., VA
....2. James Wesley Layman, b. 17 Feb 1817 in Monogehela Co., VA; d. 22 Sep 1876 in Barbour Co., WV
….+Mariah Ashcraft, b. abt. 1819; m. 1839 
……3. Gideon Marion Layman, b. 06 Nov 1848 in Barbour Co., VA; d. 28 Sep 1927 in Upsher Co., WV
……+Hannah Bennett, b. abt. 1850 
........4. Charles Braxton Layman, b. abt. 1888; d. 1979
..........5. Austin Creed Layman, b. 1920; d. 1972
..........+Daisy Bennett, b. abt. 1922. Participant 83 descends from Austin and Daisy 
….2. Jacob Layman, b. 08 Aug 1824 in Colombiana Co., OH; d. 23 Sep 1910 in Marion Co., WV
…. +Nancy Drusila Hawkins, b. abt. 1826 in Virginia; d. 17 Dec 1869 in Marion Co., WV
……3. Emory Layman, b. 1846
…… +Margaret Rutherford, b. abt. 1846
……..4. Elida Elsworth Layman, b. 09 Feb 1868 in Marion Co., WV; d. 1944 in Harrison Co., WV
……..+Harriet Ashcraft. b. 18 Jan 1871 in West Virginia; d. 07 Mar 1956 in preston, WV
……….5. William Charles Henry Layman, b. 11 Feb 1892 in Taylor Co., WV; d. 23 Apr 1962 in Harrison Co., WV
……….+Frankie Elizabeth Rush. b. 03 Jan 1893 in Taylor Co., WV; d. Dec 1978 in Harrison Co., WV
…………6.William R. Layman, b. 25 Oct 1916 in Taylor Co., WV; d. 07 Mar 1996 in Anne Arundel Co., MD. Participant 151 descends from William.

Family I. 1
Tests 79 and 152
This family, based on historical research, was believed to be related to William Lemonds, b. abt. 1744 of Troublesome Creek, Rockingham Co., NC. Further it was believed that Rockingham Co., NC family, based on early Tests 26 and 27, of limited scope, as believed to be related to Family A.2. We still don't know to a certainty whether the Rockingham Co. Family is related to Family A.2, but we do now know, based on a comparison of the nine common markers of  Tests 79 and 152 with Tests 26 and 27, that this Family I.1 is probably not related to the Rockingham Co., NC family.
..1. William Lemons, b, abt 1770; d. 23 Dec 1814 in the Battle of New Orleans
..+Sarah Cox, b. abt. 1775; m. Aug 1802 in Williamson Co., TN; d. bef. 1860 in Polk Co., AR
….2 James B. Lemons, b. 1809 in Tennessee; d. aft. 1860 in Polk Co.
….+Mary E. Cabler, b. abt. 1821 in Tennessee; d. aft. 1877 in Polk Co., AR
…...3 William Lemons, b. abt. 1858 in Montgomery Co., AR; d. aft. 1913
.…..+Clara Hillsberry, b. abt. 1866 in Illinois; d. aft. 1890 in Indian Territory, now Marshall Co., OK
……..4. Clarence Levi Lemons, b. 1885 in Indian Territory, now Marshall Co., OK; d. 1965 in Marshall Co.
……..+Katie Ragsdale, b. abt. 1887 in Indian Territory, now Marshall Co., OK. The Test 79 participant descends from Clarence and Katie.  

Test 152
..1. George Washington Lemon, b. 27 Feb 1863 in Storey Co., IA; d. 13 Dec 1933 in Polk Co., IA
….2. Harold Glenn Lemon, b. 16 Apr 1903 in Day Co., SD; d. 06 Oct 1981 in Polk Co., IA. Participant 152 descends from Harold.


Ch. 17, Supplement p. 47 (Family B). After  the entry that begins, “…………..+Lucille Ester Gnagny,” insert the following:
 “……..Second wife of (gen 4) Samuel Layman:
........+Magdalena Emmert Foutz, b. abt. 1811; d. 1899
..........5. Adam S. Lehman, b. 1840; d. 1911
..........+Sara A Riddlesbarger, b. 1840  
............6. Alfred C. Lahman, b. abt. 1877 in Lee Co., IL
............+Jane Malmsbury Batti, b. abt. 1879. Participant 145 descends from Alfred and Jane.
............6. Bert. E. Lehman, b. 1879; d. 1964
............+Larene D. Wingerter, b. 1885; d. 1967
..............7. Eugene F. Lehman, b. 1919; d. 1989
..............+Madeline A. Gonsch, b. 1919; d. 1984. The producer of Result 135 descends from Eugene and Madeline.

Ch. 17, Supplement p. 47 (Family Y)    After the entry that reads, " ......atherine, b. abt. 1771," insert the following:
........4. Peter Lehman, b. abt. 1782 in Somerset Co., PA; d. 1838
........+Rachel Berkey, b. abt. 1784
..........5. Peter Lehman, b. 07 Feb 1819 in Somerset Co.; d. 16 Jul 1894 in Cambria Co., PA
..........+Susanna Rodabush, b. abt. 1821
............6. Peter James Lehman, b. 20 Dec 1852 in Cambria Co., PA; d. 19 Nov 1910
..............7. Ira Basel Lehman, b. 1881 in Cambria Co.; d. Nov 1937 in Cambria Co. A descendant of Ira produced Result 133.

Ch. 17, p. 193.  Following the sentence that begins, “ No further connection,” add the following:
”It may be time to put foreword the possibility that the Benedict who immigrated on the Phoenix on 15 Sep 1749 is the Benjamin who d. in 1788 in Shenandoah Co., VA and is the progenitors of Family C and whose line is described in detail in Ch. 13.“ These facts support that theory. Facts or arguments to the contrary are earnestly solicited:
1. Benjamin’s estimated birth year of 1723 squares well with an age of 26 at immigration.
2. Benjamin is proven to have been a German-speaking Swiss or German Mennonite. Benedict arrived with German-speaking Swiss and German Mennonites on the Phoenix.
3. The given name, Benjamin, is virtually unknown among the German and Swiss Mennonites while Benedict is prolific.
4. There are unrelated instances of the name, “Benedict.” among the Swiss and Germans being anglicized by to “Beniel” and perhaps other.
5. To the writer’s knowledge, no other arguable conjecture has been advanced as to Benjamin’s origin or of a New World accounting for Benedict who arrived on the Phoenix on 15 Sep 1749.
6.  To the writer’s knowledge, there is no known record of Benjamin prior to the immigration of on the Phoenix on 15 Sep 1749.
7. To the writer’s knowledge, there is no known record of any ilk, either in the New World or German-speaking Europe that is an impediment to the theory that Benjamin of Shenandoah Co., VA and Benedict who arrived on the Phoenix are the same person.

Ch. 17, p. 196 (Supplement p. 54) . Following the entry that begins, “ …………6. Cleo Merlin Layman,” add the sentence, “The line has been designated Family Q.”

Ch. 17, p. 196. Delete the last two sentences on the page and replace them with the sentence, “It is now deemed probable that he is the Joseph of Family B who d. after 1812 in Clermont Co., OH.

Ch. 17, p. 196. Following the foregoing entry, add the following:”
    "Listed in the original book were 16 pre-1755 Lehman immigrants of whom no living descendant had bee identified. In the ensuing seven years, either a descendant has manifested himself or light has been shed in some other way on that immigrant. The five who remain to some degree shrouded in mystery are listed, designated by their original numbers, as follow
1. Godfrey Lehman, on the Snow Louther, 14 Oct 1731
4. Michael Lehman on the Phoenix 28 Aug 17
5. Johannes Lehman on the Brotherhood 03 Nov 1750
7. Johan Peter Lehmann on the Phoenix 22 Nov 1732
11. Jacob Lehman, b. abt. 1736 in Europe
   Since the original book was published in 2006, research has revealed records of some later immigrants, not previously chronicled, some or ail of whom could and almost surely are the immigrant ancestor of present-day Lehman families whose  immigrant has not yet been found. They are properly added to those five listed above. These additional immigrants will, accordingly be numbered beginning with 13:
13. Casper Louman, b. Germany 1767-1768, appears on the Shelby Co., OH 1850 U. S. Census. In the household are
John H Noxsall, 48, presumably the widower of a recently deceased daughter, and seven  Noxhall children ranging in age from 1 to 28.
14. Christian Lehman, b. abt. 1781, immigrated into Philadelphia the with an unnamed wife and sons, Nicholas and Daniel, b. abt. 1802 and 1804 respectively, aboard the Fair American on 11 Dec 1806.
15. Johan Daniel Lehmann, b. abt. 1751, immigrated into Philadelphia aboard the Pennsylvania Packet 30 Apr 1773. He was bound to Phineas Bond and his assigns.
16. David Layman, b. Germany 1767-1768, appears on the Montgomery Co. OH 1850 U. S. Census. In the household is wife, Rosana, 59.
17. Ernest Leamen, b. abt. 1772, was aboard the Thomas Chalckley into Philadelphia 13 Oct 1795.
18. Jacob Frederick Lehmann arrived n Philadelphia aboard the Elizabeth 04 May 1819. It cannot be ruled out that he is the Frederick Layman, b. 1785-1786 in Germany, who appears on the Fairfield Co., OH 1850 U. S. Census. Also in the household is Solon Sayman [sic], 59.
19. Jacob Lehman arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Candide 19 Aug 1786. It cannot be ruled out that he is the Jacob Layman, b. abt 1767, on the Adams Co., OH 1850 U.S. Census.
20. Joseph Layman, b. 1783-1784, appears on the Erie Co., NY 1850 and 1860 U. S. Census along with Margaretta Layman, b. 1884-1885. Birthplace noted in 1850 as Germany; in 1860 as France.
21. Martin Layman, b. 1779-1780 in Germany, appears on the Crawford Co., OH 1850 U. S. Census along with Margaretta Layman, b. 1781-1782 in Pennsylvania.         
22. Samuel M. Lehman, b. 1771-1772 in Switzerland, appears on the Philadelphia Co., PA 1850 U. S. Census. In the household are Eliza Miller, 41 and Henry W. Miller 41, presumably a daughter and son-in-law, and several Miller children, ranging in age from 3 to 16. Also in the household are George Lehman, 24 and Ann E. McCane 22.
23. Theobald Lehman, b. abt. 1741 in Europe, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Sarah on 20 Sep 1764.
24. Wilhelm Lehman, b. abt 1749, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Sally  03 Nov 1772, indentured to Robert Ewing.    
25. Valentin Leman, b. abt. 1731, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Richard and Mary 30 Sep 1854.
26. Joh. Christ. Lehmann, b. abt 1778, arrived aboard the New York 08 Sep 1801. Presumably, he would appear on any American record as Christian.
27. Gotlieb Johan Lehman, b. abt.1791 in Saxony, a tailor, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Five Brothers 18 Sep 1816.
28. William Leghman, b. abt. 1884 in Europe, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Only Son 29 Jun 1807.
29. Thomas Lemon, b. 1788-1789 in England, arrived in Philadelphia aboard the Mary and Elizabeth 17 Jul 1815.  He appears on the Baltimore Co., MD 1850 U. S. Census with a wife, Agnes.
30. Hans Layman, b. abt 1793 and wife arrived aboard the Rebecca Ann 07 Jun 1818.
31. J. H. Lemon, b. abt 1796, arrived aboard the Osgood 20 Sep 1819..

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